Getting to Know the French Bulldogs

The French Bulldog was never categorized as a sporting breed and is well-known as a household pet. This breed was originally accepted by the American Kennel Club in the late 1800s. A full grown French bulldog's weight typically ranges from 17 and 28 lbs. and its average height at the shoulder is 11 to 12 inches. By looking into the French bulldog's temperament in addition to his needs, you can identify if such a breed is suitable for you and also your household.  Click here to find French bulldog puppies for sale.

This breed can be small if not medium in its overall size as well as often has a dwarf mastiff look. They typically exhibit broad shoulders, a profound chest, a solid neck, along with well-developed muscles. They have a coat that is typically the color of brindle or if not fawn and white. If this breed is not treated as show dogs, they can as well be bred with black, liver, or mouse coat color.

They usually are very affectionate as well as energetic. They are an excellent pet, considering that they are not difficult to form a warm and close attachment with. Because they are not regarded as sporting dogs and have little energy, the breed does not need a lot of exercise. While they make a wonderful family pet, they do have the tendency to deal better with children who are more mature because they sometimes are unable to tolerate or understand the behavior of very young kids.

French Bulldogs can normally put up with other pets, but only if the other pets are introduced to them when they are still french bulldog puppies. As opposed to the English Bulldog, the French Bulldog is not very difficult to train because of its intelligent and attentive nature. Even without training, a lot of family still choose this breed only as a household pet.

The French Bulldog has some special health issues that you must take into consideration. A primary threat to the French bulldog is that they can develop breathing issues whenever they perform excessive exercise, extreme levels of excitement or environmental temperatures. Known as Brachycephalic syndrome, this is the outcome of their small snout as in addition to the overall shape of their skull. Their breathing issues is apt to get serious and also life threatening. So, you are not supposed to walk your French Bulldog under the hot, dry weather and never leave them outside under the hot temperature for long periods. Contact your veterinarian immediately if you notice your pet is experiencing trouble breathing or if it acts like it cannot catch its breath. By so doing, your French Bulldog puppy can receive treatment before its condition gets too serious.

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Getting to Know the French Bulldogs
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